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By FH Havinga

Doom, gloom, horror, fear, darkness, demons, bonfires, trick or treat, Satan and much more are associated with


Halloween.Most people only know this side of Halloween which is celebrated on the 31st day of October each

year in the Northern hemisphere, but also adopted as the global date by many in the Southern hemisphere.


Sadly some Churches and Christians are swept away by the sensationalism found by well-meaning authors

and journalists to only focus on the dark side of what happens during the Halloween period. In this article

we will touch on the negative but primarily turn the reader’s focus to the “Beautiful side” attached to Halloween.

There is a plethora of literature to be found on the origin of Halloween ranging from the Druid festival of Samhein,

the lord of death with bonfires and divination practices followed by the Roman Catholic ceremony of All Saints

Eve continuing into the modern day commercialised Halloween trend globally with gargoyles, bats, costumes

and parties. The satanic movement however views this festival a bit different. In general the satanic move

ment in the broad view Halloween as their most unholy festive time as it symbolise Satan’s day where he wil

l take full control of the earth as supreme ruler on earth. It is believed that during this time of the year the

veil between the realm of the living and the dead is on its thinnest and thus access to Hades is much easier.

Therefore the Satanists endeavour through their rituals and sacrifices to draw on all the demonic power

that is released through individuals and occultists across the world, by their participation in honouring the

lord of death through their actions of association with evil over this time to unleash the most evil spirits

(demons) from their captivity in the depths of darkness1 (Hades/Tataris) on the earth to cause destruction

and oppose the Children of God. In achieving this they believe that it will usher in the demonic age of Sata

n’s rule2 or the New World Order, leading to the final battle3between good and evil.

Sadly some Churches and many Christians only focus on the above mentioned information with which

they then either spread fear, curiosity and/or confusion. Yes, we should be aware of the enemy’s

plans but we should not focus on it, rather focus on our victory and act in the Spirit of Christ our Victor4.

I would like to relay a testimony of a victim, now a victor, that was saved from the enemy’s clutches

during a Halloween ritual in Satanism due to the correct actions of the Children of God and therewith,

portray the Beautiful side of Halloween:

“They said they will get me before I reached my home from work. Earlier the day I asked some of my

Christian friends in my support group to pray that God will be glorified through me and that He will

protect me from all harm.

....Suddenly, on my way to my parking spot after work, there was a presence so familiar, yet so

undesirable in the air. It was the presence of evil and darkness. The next moment two men grabbed

me and tossed me into the trunk of a vehicle.

....The ritual was held in a house on a plot. The high-priest was there and the mother witch with a

few others making up the congregation. The all too familiar circle with the altar and the table with

the tools of the craft filled the rest of the room. I was forced on my knees in the back of the room

till I will be summoned forward, yet I felt an unnatural peace while I silently prayed and knew

others were praying for me....The command was given and the witch had to light the candles by

calling on powers. The first candle caught light and on her way to the second the first went out,

this is the first time I saw failure on her side. She repeated the spell and the first candle lit up again.

As she was moving towards the second, suddenly my spiritual eyes and ears were opened. I saw

and heard.

I heard the prayers of many Children of God calling on God’s protection and angels to be sent on my

behalf. When I looked back to the circle and the pentagram, I could see an angel from God blowing

out the candles5 (there was no wind not even a breeze in the room). The high-priest and the mother

witch started fighting and accusing each other of incompetence.... God then allowed all present to

see; right in the middle of the circle a glorious mighty shining angel appeared, radiant in splendour6.....

all were confused and started running.... The angel smiled at me and pointed to the door.... I waved

down a vehicle and was taken to the nearest safe point where I was met by my friends.

I want to give glory to my Mighty God who is a Mighty warrior7 and able to do far above what we ask8 

for His undeserving9 favour and grace. I want to thank those Children of God who were obedient

and prayed for me. All the glory, power and praise be to my Lord and New Master, Jesus Christ

for saving me.” – To His Glory

THE BEAUTIFUL SIDE OF HALLOWEEN – My plea is that we as the Church of Jesus Christ unite10

in prayer and trust our God to reveal His Beauty and Splendour to those who are lost during

Halloween and that many will be saved and freed from the enemy’s web of destruction11.

Let us not focus on the dark but let us pray God’s light into darkness12 together with

showing Christ to those who are ignorant of His dream for their lives.

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Proviso: The testimony was used with full consent of the author without any restrictions.



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