Prayers to freedom in Jesus Christ
Victim to Survivor to Conqueror
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Prayers to freedom in Jesus Christ



Renouncing Deception and Seeking a Life of Truth

Dear Heavenly Father, Your word tells me that You desire truth in my inner being, and You will cause me to know wisdom and have understanding. Your word also tells me that the heart of a person is deceitful, and I may not always understand what is going on in my heart, my innermost being. I now make a decision to have You reveal to me the hidden motives and secrets of my heart.

Jesus said, Satan is the father of lies and a deceiver, who is always trying to deceive me into believing lies. At times, I have believed Satan’s lies, and deceived myself by avoiding the truth and being in denial.

In the past, I have been hurt, rejected, betrayed, made powerless or abused. At times I may have made a choice to live in a fantasy world to escape the pain or loneliness. This fantasy world was a deception that I believed in order to escape a painful reality. Other times, I chose to forget, suppress, split or mentally separate myself from the painful memories or events. These past hurts were more than I could bear, so I buried or forgot them, with all of the anger, unforgiveness and vows made against myself and others. I understand that this is part of my life story, and, by denying their reality, I deny part of myself. These vows and unforgiveness are giving the enemy an entryway into my life and body, and a right to harass, afflict, control, or drive me in compulsive, ungodly ways.

I now reject this false life. I choose to live a life in the truth and in the light, and NOT in a myth or a lie, concerning my past life. With God’s help, I will work on these hurts, unforgiveness and vows, and come to truly know myself. I do not want these vows coming down on me or others. I now make a choice to turn from this hidden life and close all those doorways, in Jesus’ name. I take authority in Jesus’ name and I rebuke and command all deceiving spirits to leave me now.

I know that You, Father, are a discerner of the heart, and I ask You to reveal to me and to Your servant who is ministering to me at this time, the nature of these hidden hurts, pain, anger, vows, lies or sins. I now choose to face the truth and NOT live in denial. I acknowledge that I cannot do this in my own strength, but I look to You, Jesus, for Your help in my healing and deliverance. I ask You to, “Search me, O God, and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts, and see if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in thy way everlasting.” Amen.

Confession of Faith and Position in Christ

Dear Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that there is only one true and living God, who exists as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I recognize Christ Jesus as the Son of the Living God, the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus, You are worthy to receive glory and honor and power, for You have created all things and in You, all things have their being.

Father God, You have proven Your love for me, because, when I was still in sin and rebellion, Your Son, Jesus Christ, died for me. When I accepted You, Jesus, as my Savior, You forgave me all my sins and redeemed me from the kingdom of darkness, translating me to Your kingdom, and I am made right with God. All charges that were against me have been nailed to the cross and cancelled, therefore the devil has nothing with which to accuse me. Apart from You, Jesus, I can do nothing, and I declare my dependence on You. I was saved by Your grace, it was a gift and not the result of any works on my part. When I was saved, my spirit came to life and is now under the control of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, You came to set the captives free: those who are bound by sin, or psychic and occult powers. Jesus, You have all authority in and on the earth, and You have conquered and disarmed all evil principalities and powers. You, Jesus, made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross. In You, Jesus, I have authority over Satan and all his demons, and they are subject to me. Jesus, I am covered and protected by Your precious blood.

I declare that You, Jesus, are my Lord and my God. I come to You, Jesus, looking only to You as my deliverer and healer. You know all my special need and concerns. I renounce all counterfeit gifts and works of Satan in my life. I claim Your Word, which says, “All who call upon the name of the Lord, shall be set free.” I call on You now, Lord Jesus Christ, to set me free.

Father, I accept Your Word as my standard for righteousness and daily living. I will study Your Word and renew my mind by that living Word, because You say, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” I now take control of my thought life, and stand against Satan’s deceptions and lies by taking every thought captive in obedience to Christ. I choose to walk in the light and truth, because the truth will set me free.

I will use my spiritual weapons (the Word of God, the Blood, the Name of Jesus, praise and prayer), which are mighty in God to tear down all strongholds of the enemy in my life. I stand strong in You, Lord Jesus Christ, and resist Satan and all his evil schemes. I bind and rebuke all evil spirits and powers of darkness that would seek to interfere with time of ministry, specifically, the spirits of doubt, deception, unbelief, confusion, mind control and fear. I loose myself from your control. I take my position in Christ and command you, Satan, and all your demons to leave me now, in Jesus’ name.

I choose to give up all attempts to run my own life, putting no confidence in the flesh, and I now submit to You, Father, and Your servant who is ministering to me. I trust myself to Your care, Lord Jesus Christ, as much as I can at this time. Dear Holy Spirit, I ask You to help me in this time of prayer and inward looking. Please reveal to me every area of my life that has (or continues to be) been given over to the enemy. I choose to crucify my flesh and walk by Your guidance, Holy Spirit, not giving into the desires of my flesh. I will present my body as an instrument of righteousness, a living and holy sacrifice, which is my spiritual duty. I choose to humble myself and share whatever God reveals to me (with safe, appropriate persons that God designates). Holy Spirit, I ask you to guide me to all truth (to receive it), empower me to live above sin, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for Forgiveness

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your love and kindness toward me. It is Your kindness that has led me to repentance, turning from all my sinful ways and turning to You. I admit that I have not been kind, patient, and loving to others when they have offended me. I have allowed bitterness and resentment to grow in me, separating me from others. At times I have forgotten this unforgiveness, yet it festers in my soul, often beyond my conscious reach. This affects every aspect of my life and gives the enemy an entryway into my life. I understand that forgiveness is not an emotion, but an act of my will. I now choose to exercise my will to forgive others as You, Father, have forgiven me. I know that You, Heavenly Father, are a searcher of the heart. Father, I ask You to reveal to me any hidden and secret unforgiveness and bitterness towards others, who have hurt or offended me. I confess that this unforgiveness and bitterness is affecting my life and relationships today. Because of these past hurts, I acknowledge the inability to love or trust others.

I choose not to be ruled by a spirit of bitterness, but have a spirit of peace and love. I repent and make a decision to forgive and release these people right now. I ask You, Heavenly Father, to forgive me and restore me, as I forgive those who have offended me. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would bring all things to our remembrance. Dear Holy Spirit, I am asking You to bring to my remembrance anyone I have to forgive and I will forgive them in Jesus’ name (by Your grace and with Your help). Amen.

Prayer for Humility

Heavenly Father, Your Word teaches me that pride goes before stumbling, and that You hate a proud and arrogant spirit. I want to please You, Father, and I do not want to stumble. I know at times, in action and attitude, I have demonstrated a proud spirit. I believed I knew what was best for me, and I could accomplish this by my own power and resources. I have looked to my own intellect, ability and strength (and resources) to be successful. I have not denied myself and picked up my cross daily. But Your word tells me it is not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit that the victory comes. Because of this spirit of pride, I have opened the door and given the enemy an entrance into my life.

I now repent and renounce this self-life, and come to You, humbling myself and trusting in Your mercy and love. It is Your kindness that has led me to repentance. I now cancel all ground or openings (given) to Satan (by me or on my behalf by others) in my fife. I proclaim that I am covered with the blood of Jesus, and Satan has no part in me or power over me. I am a (adopted into his marvelous kingdom of light) child of God, and the Holy Spirit is living within me. (Because I died with Him in baptism, it is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me.) I hereby affirm my dependence on You, Father. I look to you, dear Holy Spirit, for Your guidance, wisdom and power to help me overcome the flesh and live above sin. I will take up the cross daily, denying myself and live a life under the control of the Spirit of God. Amen.

Prayer to Renounce Rebellion

Dear Heavenly Father, Your word in I Samuel 15:23 teaches me that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft or divination, and that insubordination is as the sin of idolatry. You, Father, call this a detestable thing. I know my actions are a reflection of the attitude of my heart. At times, I have sinned against You, Heavenly Father, by going my own way and doing what I wanted to do. By doing this, I have opened the door for the enemy to have an entrance into my life, to harass and attack me. I confess that this is a rebellious spirit.

Father, I now humbly repent for my rebellion and choose to have a humble and obedient spirit. I reject Satan and all his workings in my life and body. I do not know all of the areas in which Satan may have gained access to me. I ask You, dear Holy Spirit, to reveal to me and to Your servant, any hidden rebellion in my heart. I understand that submission is agreeing and working together with someone to get a job done. I here and now choose to have a submissive spirit, and submit to Your servant in this time of ministry to accomplish the work You have called me to do. I choose to walk in the light, and I reject all rebellion, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Dealing with Moral Issues

Dear Heavenly Father, Your Word tells me in Galatians 5:17 that my flesh lusts, or wars, against my spirit. I am not to gratify the lusts of my flesh, but to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and walk by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Father, You know, at times, I struggle with the temptation to gratify the desires of my flesh. Much of this battle is in my mind and thought life. Because of my loneliness and inner pain, at times I may have entertained lustful fantasies in my mind and thoughts. This only increased the desire to gratify my flesh. Often this battle has been more than I could stand, and I have given into the lusts of my flesh.

Father, I am truly sorry; I repent, and ask to be forgiven. I acknowledge that, in Christ, all my sins have been forgiven. I repent and cancel all access to my life by evil spirits. I claim the blood of Jesus over me as my protection. I command all evil spirits that have gained access to my body or mind to leave me now in Jesus’ name. I now make a new commitment to guard my eyes and take every thought captive in obedience to Christ. I will walk by the guidance of the Holy Spirit (and by the guidance of no other spirit). I will work to take control of my body and mind, not giving into fleshly lusts. I will depend on the Holy Spirit for my guidance and help to accomplish this, in Jesus’ name. I now ask You, Father, to reveal to me any ways in which I have broken your moral laws. Amen.

Prayer to Break Satanic Dedication and Blood Covenants

I RENOUNCE ever signing my name over to Satan or having my name signed over to Satan (in any way whatsoever, and with respect to any cult, Satanic and/or Luciferian organization, sect, etc.). I ANNOUNCE that my name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I RENOUNCE any ceremony where I may have been wed to Satan (or Lucifer, or any of his servants) and I ANNOUNCE that I am the Bride of Christ. I RENOUNCE any and all covenants that I made with Satan (or Lucifer), or that were made for me. I ANNOUNCE that I am a partaker of the new covenant with Christ (partaker of the blessings of the new and better covenant made in Christ's blood). I now RENOUNCE ever cutting myself, and/or giving my blood for any assignments, ceremonies or covenants with Satan (or Lucifer), and I confess and RENOUNCE any and all blood pacts. (I declare all these null and void, cancelled, of none effect whatsoever.) I ANNOUNCE and trust only the shed blood of my Lord Jesus Christ, in Holy Communion, which I understand by faith, and was commanded by Jesus to do in remembrance of Him, and His sacrifice for me (Lk. 22:17-19). (I ACKNOWLEDGE and ANNOUNCE that Christ's sacrifice of Himself on the cross for me was, is, and ever will be fully satisfactory and sufficient for the payment of my sins, and that no other sacrifice for my sins is required.)

I RENOUNCE any and all guardians (managers) and surrogate parents that were or have been assigned to me by a Satanist (or Luciferian). I ANNOUNCE that God is my Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit is my guardian, of which I am sealed until the day of my redemption. I reject and renounce all curses and assignments that were or are being made upon me (and my loved ones), or by me (or by others) for the service of Satan (or Lucifer). I accept only God’s assignment for me. Amen.

See Neil T. Anderson, video tape entitled, “A Counseling Procedure for Leading People Through Steps to Freedom in Christ,” Freedom in Christ Ministries, La Habra, CA 1990.

Confession and Deliverance from Occult Sins

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You and I renounce all sinful occult practices and idolatry of seeking information, knowledge, healing, comfort, identity (purpose, meaning), or power from any occult, psychic or secret source. I renounce ever reading books about the black arts, magic, Satanic (or Luciferian] rituals, including the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, the Satanic Bible, books on false religions (including, but not limited to, Reike), or other Satanic (or Luciferian) books or writings (or recordings).

I RENOUNCE all sins of divination, which (might) include: palm reading, fortune telling, tarot card reading, tea leaf reading, crystal ball, ouija board, ESP, telepathy, horoscopes, automatic handwriting, astrology, water divining, rod and pendulum, consulting familiar spirits, (consulting and/or) communication with the dead, séances, consulting wizards (and/or warlocks), fortune tellers, witches, mediums or spiritists.

I RENOUNCE all demonic, occult or psychic healing practices, including (but not limited to): pow-wow healing, charming to heal, magic healing, psychic healing (Reike healing, sexual healing, massage therapy or spinal manipulation healing of an occultic nature).

I RENOUNCE all occult power, casting spells, or witchcraft, including (but not limited to): power crystals, black and white magic, voodoo, other forms of local witchcraft, metaphysics or mind science, yoga, transcendental meditation, sorcery, astral projection, table lifting, levitation, mind control, amulets and chains, and religious medals, occultic anointing oils.

I RENOUNCE hypnosis, heavy metal music, and all demonic role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. I renounce ever being involved in or in contact with secret lodges or societies, the Masons and their organizations, Edgar Cayce’s teaching and readings, Erhard Seminars Training (EST), ascended masters, wise masters, Manifest Sons of God, Nazism, Mafia, counselors from the spirit realm, Spiritism, Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormonism Unity, the New Age, or any other religion organization of an occult nature.

Dear Heavenly Father, I now confess all these occult sins of seeking from Satan (and/or Lucifer), the help that should come only from You. I now confess and renounce those occult sins and idolatry that I cannot remember. I renounce Satan and all his works. I hate all his demons, and I consider them all my enemies. Lord Jesus Christ, I now repent of all these sins of occultism and idolatry, and RENOUNCE any oath (or vow) I may have made to any false gods (or ungodly persons, places, institutions, purposes or plans) in Jesus’ name, and ask to be forgiven (and set free).

Dear Heavenly Father, I now repent, and close all doors or openings to all occult and psychic practices of darkness, and ask You, Heavenly Father, to seal them shut with the precious shed Blood of Jesus Christ, never to be opened again, in Jesus’ name. I now inform all demonic spirits, you do not have any legal right to me, and you are trespassing, and you must leave now. I command all connected or related spirits and all power demons that came in or at me by taking part in these occult practices, to leave me now, never to return, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Breaking Curses, Spells and Incantations

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You as Your child, born again, redeemed and washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. I proclaim that I am a partaker of the inheritance of the saints of God (in Your covenant). I give thanks unto You, Father, for delivering me from all the powers of darkness and translating me into the kingdom of Your dear Son. I here and now reject and disown all the sins, pacts, curses and occult selections and dedication of me, my ancestors, or any relatives, that have been passed on to me intentionally or unintentionally, as one who is covered with the blood of Jesus. In Jesus’ name, Father, I ask to be redeemed and cleansed from any and all evil curses, incantations or spells that have been passed on to me from my parents (surrogate and/or substitute parents and/or caretakers), grandparents, ancestors, relatives, or any other person. Father, I also ask to be redeemed and cleansed from any and all curses that have come upon me (and/or my loved ones) from what I have done or been involved in (even knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly), in the past.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now rebuke, break and loose myself and all my children (and my children’s children, even to the 10th generation), from any and all evil curses, charms, vexes, hexes, spells, incantations, jinxes, psychic powers, bewitchments, or sorcery, that have been put on me or my family line, by any person or persons, or from any occult source or psychic source. I declare all these curses null and void, in Jesus’ name.

I RENOUNCE and REJECT any way in which Satan (and/or Lucifer) may have to continue to claim ownership of me (and anything which pertains to me and my loved ones, including, but not limited to, finances, homes, vehicles, mind, will and emotions, both now and hereafter). I reject every demon, evil spirit, or familiar spirit that has been sent to me by Satan (and/or Lucifer) because of these curses (and incantations), and command all these connected and related spirits to leave me now, in Jesus’ name. I command you, Satan (and Lucifer), to remove from me all Satanic (and Luciferian) shields, devises or mechanisms that have been used to harass, manipulate or control me in any way, and I command you to take them off now and never to return, in Jesus’ name. I declare that I am totally committed to and completely signed over to my Lord Jesus Christ.

I now ask you, Heavenly Father, to fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and empower me to live above sin. I determine to look to You, Heavenly Father, to provide all my needs. I yield my body as an instrument of righteousness, a living, holy sacrifice, to glorify You, Father. I ask You, Father, to surround me with Your holy warrior angels, giving them charge over me to protect me in all my ways. I now submit my life and all to You, Heavenly Father, in Jesus name. Amen.


In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, as His servant, I now break all curses and incantations off of you, (person's name), that have come down through you and your family line, no matter how far back nor from whom. I break all curses and incantations off you, (person's name) (and your children and children's children even to the 10th generation), that have come upon you from other people praying against you and speaking curses against you (and anything which pertains or relates to you). I break all curses off of you, (person's name), that have come upon you, from what you have done or been involved in (even knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly). I break all curses off or you, (person's name), in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer to Break Soul Ties or Cords of Bondage

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You, in Jesus’ name, and I humbly repent for allowing this bondage and control in my life, and ask to be forgiven. I RENOUNCE all use of soul power. I loose myself from any and all control bondage or slavery to or by any other person (or place, thing, institution), in Jesus’ name. I declare that Jesus has delivered me from all (Satanic and Luciferian) bondage. I now ask you, Lord Jesus Christ, to set me free from (any and all ungodly and/or defiled and/or perverted) soul ties or cords of iniquity between me and any other person. (I ask you, Lord, to sever these ties right now, in Jesus’ name.) Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, if there should be any ungodly bonds between my soul and spirit, I now RENOUNCE them and ask that they be permanently cut. It is my desire to worship (the one true living God), Heavenly Father, (my Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer), with all my body, soul and spirit, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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