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The following list contains the main categories of training programmes covered by ASERAC Training Faculty. However it need to be kept in mind that each main category has sub-categories with numerous training modules. Thus, this is not an exhaustive training programme list. For further information please contact us.

We provide training, consulting, and interventions services in the following fields of practice.


Theoretical and/or Practical training programmes.

·         Traumatology and trauma interven­tion skills

·         Care-giving & support for victi­ms and significant others

·         Life skills

·         Health and wellness

·         Leadership development

·         Youth work/ministry

·         First aid

·         Chris­tian lay counselling training programmes

·         Addic­tionology and substance abuse

·         Balanced Christi­an development & growth programmes

·         Potentially harmful Cults

·         Potentially harmful religious and/or philosophical practices


Customised services to suite your needs.

*        Customised or context specific training programs

*        Awareness training and proac­tive talks

*        Consulta­tion services

*        Counselling services

*        Program development and implementa­tion

*        Camps and retreats


Here you will find all the events / meetings / course dates presented by ASERAC™


For more information please feel free to contact the office - Contact Details

ASERAC™ aim at rendering a service by employing our skills, expertise, and/or resources in helping youth, parents, schools, institutions, and/or churches to counsel, consult with and empower the leaders of tomorrow.


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We strive to the best of our ability and with the resources to our disposal to support individuals, groups, families and communities who have fallen prey to abusive and/or traumatic incidents on a social, psycho-emotional, physical and/or spiritual level. ASERAC™ endeavour to support and assist victims of abuse and/or trauma in the following areas:


·          Religious (spiritual) and/or philosophical motivated abuse/trauma. 

·          Psycho-emotional abuse/trauma. 

·          Social and/or cultural abuse/trauma. 

·          Physical abuse/trauma.


Become a volunteer


Should you like to volunteer your services in ASERAC™ contact us. Volunteers can assist victims, significant others and/or other volunteers in any service from basic support to professional assistance.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call Elmarie on 011 023 7376

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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